Bruce Charbonneau Heather Letlow


Alex Beattie - EME
Amanda Morrison - Eng
Blake Buchanan - EE/JD
Brian Bray - ME
Cathy Knoff - EMT
Danna Taylor - CPA
David Smith - ME
Glenn Bray - EE
Katie Widen - CE
Keith Buchanan - EE
Phil Beckett - Bus
Stephen Hall - CE

FIRST Team 1296 students are 100% OSHA certified.

FIRST Team 1296 particpates in FIRST FRC Robotics Competitions.

FIRST Team 1296

Full Metal Jackets are FIRST Robotics Team 1296, of Rockwall High School in Rockwall, Texas. It was founded in the fall of 2004 through a partnership with local companies. The team includes numerous volunteers and 45 students. Volunteers range from electrical engineers to programmers. During our rookie year 2004, we won the Rookie Inspirational Award. Since then, Team 1296 has continued to be a dominate force in robotics. Each year Team 1296 adds to the legacy of FIRST through team work, relationships and gracious professionalism.

Mission Statement

With the support of volunteer mentors who promote gracious professionalism, the mission of Rockwall Robotics is to provide opportunities to enrich educational experiences through practical applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Rockwall High School

Rockwall High School, located in a residential suburb of Dallas, Texas, offers a comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 9-12. In addition to traditional core subjects, students can choose from a wide variety of Advanced Placement offerings for college credit, as well as numerous electives in arts, music, engineering, business and more. Vocational and alternative education experiences are also made available to students.

Student Officers 2017-2018 Competition Year

The student officers are elected by their fellow students in the late spring each year. They are servant leaders of the Full Metal Jackets team and assist the teachers and mentors throughout the year.

Student Design Team 2017-2018

To faciltate speedy and decisive deliberations during the first week of the competition season, the student design team represents the wishes of the students. Rather than have large gatherings of students where participation is depressed 1296 meets in smaller groups. The groups, or individual students, pitch ideas to the design team who make quick decisions guided by the head mentor. The design must be set during that first week or we quickly fall behind!

Student Drive Team 2017-2018

All members of the drive team are appointed by the teachers. The intention is to have fair and balanced competition each year. But that is subject to the nature of the game and the state of the robot chassis (having something resembling the game machine to drive) early in the competition season. Of course it is necessary to have considerable athletic abilites to drive the robot. It is moving 15 feet per sec in different directions 50+ feet away, sometimes with limited visibility! But more important are character traits that facilitate operating as a team and calmly taking instruction from the coach. Members of the drive team, for better or worse, often end up being the public face of the team thus the chosen students must exhibit exemplary behavior and sportsmanship while being (just short of too) competitive.

Award History

2017 Houston Championship Regional, Turing Division - Finalist Award
2017 Houston Championship Regional, Turing Division - #1 Seed
2017 Brazos Valley Regional - Gracious Professionalism Award
2017 Dallas Regional - Safety Award
2017 Dallas Regional - Quality Award
2016 UIL Texas State Championship, FRC Division - Finalist
2016 Texas Robot Roundup - Finalist Award
2016 Texas Robotics Invitational - Champion Award
2016 World Championship, Newton Division - Quarter Finalist
2016 Dallas Regional - Chairman's Award
2015 Texas Robot Roundup - Finalist Award
2015 RoboReboot - Champion Award
2015 Texas Robot Invitational - Finalist Award
2015 Oklahoma City Regional - Regional Finalist Award
2015 Oklahoma City Regional - Excellence In Engineering
2015 Alamo Regional - Regional Champion Award
2015 Alamo Regional - Excellence In Engineering
2015 Dallas Regional- Woodie Flowers Regional Award
2014 RoboReboot - Champion Award
2014 Oklahoma Regional - Gracious Professionalism Award
2014 Dallas Regional - Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors
2013 Hub City Regional - Quality Award sponsored by Motorola
2013 Hub City Regional - Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors
2012 Dallas Regional - Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2011 Dallas Regional - Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2010 Dallas Regional- Excellence in Design Award sponsored by Autodesk
2010 Dallas Regional - Website Award
2008 Colorado Regional- Regional Champion Award
2007 Lone Star Regional- Woodie Flowers Regional Award
2005 Lone Star Regional - Team Spirit- DaimierChrystler
2004 Lone Star Regional- AutoDesk Award for Visualization
2004 Lone Star Regional- Rookie Inspirational Award