Preparing For The Season

Sign Up With Rockwall High School

See Mr. Charbonneau and/or Mrs. Letlow. There is a form to sign and take home for parents to sign. The form details your responsibilties, club activities and the schedule for paying club dues.

Sign Up With FIRST

You must complete the FIRST Youth Team Member Registration. A student cannot attend the kickoff event or any competition event without competing this registration.


Team tee shirts are included with your club dues. And we wear orange camouflage pants! You can find them online including here, here, here or find something similar. You may alter pants into appropriate (that comply with the student code of conduct) shorts or skirts if you wish.

OSHA Certification

Begin here, you will need a voucher code from Mr. Charbonneau or Mrs Letlow. Please do not delay starting the OSHA training as it takes 10+ hours online to complete. Students must pass the certification test to enter Room 1409 after January 1st or be in the pit during FIRST events.

FIRST 1296 Slack Team

Please register to participate on our Slack team. The team uses Slack to discuss team-related matters year round. Parents are encouraged to join. Slack is a bleeding edge collaboration tool used by many high-tech companies. Note that joining the Slack team requires a mentor or teacher to approve the request so please refer recognizable login names and e-mail addresses to any teacher or mentor.

Slack has apps for Android and Apple!


Our public Facebook page contains public team information, cool videos and pictures and links to happenings in the STEM world.


Please follow @FRCTeam1296 for real-time team information. There is a feed on the main page.

Kroger Rewards

To help support the team, go to Kroger Awards, create an account, link your Kroger Rewards card to your account and then under Account Summary go to the bottom to find Community Rewards. Search organization name Rockwall H.S. Robotics or put in our number (33354). Now that you are linked to Rockwall Robotics when you purchase items at Kroger, Rockwall Robotics will receive a percentage of what you spend. Kroger expects to pay out $1.5M this year, lets see how much we can raise together. Thanks for your support!