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Welcome to the official website of the Full Metal Jackets, a robotics team comprised of students and teachers from Rockwall High School, volunteer mentors and Team 1296 alumni. Each year through the FIRST Robotics Competition, volunteer engineers, high school students, and community members join together to build a robot that will perform specific tasks or “games”. Through this building process student’s brainstorm, prototype, design, and create a robot that will perform specific tasks.


Students, volunteer mentors, and teachers dedicate countless hours during build season in order to consistently compete at the highest level of FRC.  FIRST Robotics inspires students to pursue careers in science and technology. Teamwork, organizational skills, and gracious professionalism enable students to take classroom concepts and apply them to real world situations.


Your participation and donations are greatly appreciated! After looking through this web site, many people have an incredulous response... "This is cool!", “a group of high school students built these in 6 weeks - no way!". Participation in these clubs is rewarding and fun for students and adults. Contributing to Rockwall High School’s FIRST Team 1296 will impact the success of your community and your country. These high achievers will design the machines that drive our economy, invent the technology of the future, and build the weapons systems that keep us safe. We always need help!! Please contact us if interested (see above right).